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It is with great pleasure to inform you that the membership of the MTMA South Africa has increased over the past year and our information is becoming more and more reliable as members join and report back to the Association.   The first couple of months in 2015 showed steady order intakes right across the Industry.   Unfortunately however, the recent month showed a decline in order intake as there are fewer large projects coming on stream.   The recent changes in the foreign exchange rate are a further stumbling block for clients to purchase capital goods.

On the other hand, we see an ever increasing demand for locally produced goods being supplied into foreign markets.   Especially, the car manufacturers and automotive component suppliers have increased local production and are planning further expansions in the coming years.    This should be an encouraging sign for the whole manufacturing industry.


It is with great pleasure to announce that the Machine Tool Merchants’ Association together with Specialized Exhibitions have decided to hold a stand-alone Machine Tool Exhibition in 2017.   The last official Machine Tool Exhibition was held in 1997, while for the past years joint exhibitions together with the Electra Mining were held.   Due to the increased space requirement for the local Machine Tool suppliers and associated industries, it has been decided that in May 2017, a stand-alone Machine Tool Exhibition will be held.   The dates are the 9th to the 12th May 2017.    Plans for this exhibition are well underway and we look forward to an exciting demonstration of the latest and most modern machine tools available in the market by all members, as well as associated industries.   Updated news can be seen on

Spread across Halls 6 & 7 at Nasrec, this exhibition attracts all local suppliers, as well as international participants across the board of metal cutting, bending, forming and so on.   Associated industries such as CNC control system supplier, Cad-Cam, Robot, Tooling and Accessories suppliers will participate and ensure the success of this great exhibition.   The equipment on show will certainly attract local, as well as customers from neighboring states on the African Continent.   While the manufacturing sector still struggles with the need for skilled labour, a number of organisations and colleges have done great strides in ensuring proper training of our young artisans who will enter the industry over the coming years.   The efforts being made by these organisations, as well as companies affording training facilities to young people can only be highly commended.

The ever increasing demand for reduced costs of components require the most modern machine tools, however this can only be operated with skilled labour who ensure that the equipment supplied is being operated and maintained to the highest standards by skilled staff.   Recent installations in the automotive sector have proven that the industry has got the personnel, as well as the means to operate on an equal basis with plants around the world.

It is up to the South African Government with its present large railway contracts and other planned investments that the South African Manufacturing Industry who has got the potential to produce and deliver is being utilized to its fullest.   This would enhance large scale employment through the Industry on all levels of the income bracket and relief to an industry struggling for work at present.

That South Africa can attract the interest of international organisations, was demonstrated by two Engineering Forums which were held in Cape Town. Last year the International Special Tooling & Machining Association held their conference and only just recent the CIRP – International Academy for Production Engineering – assembled the top Professors from around the world in our Mother City. Both events were hugely successful and an encouragement for our industry.

The members of the MTMA will continue to support the local industry with information on the latest technologies making our industry competitive. We further encourage organisations who develop young artisans such as the various colleges and TASA .

It leaves me to thank the committee, our members and all associations who help in the well-being of our industry.



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